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November 20th

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Why? Our Gala helps us to continue developing and revitalizing our community in part by supporting the needs of our children and families by way of Christian Focused, delivery, and modeling.

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Through FAMA we have been able to hire responsible and trusted business people at low cost to the ministry ,ie.. construction of showers, walls, air conditioning. Currently, we met a man through FAMA who is working towards helping homeless men and women obtain jobs
Amazing Love Ministries
I heard about FAMA when I first met Pastor Johnson and I can say that I have been truly blessed by FAMA! I can honestly say if it wasn't for FAMA there wouldn't be a Networking for Life Ministry!
R Hobbs

"Invest in the future of our Children & community by instilling christian values"

The alliance has helped me and my family tremendously
John B

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